Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why is war so compelling?

Why is war so compelling?

The Last Patrol is a 300 mile conversation about war. Sebastian Junger embarks on a journey along railway lines with fellow war journalist Guillermo Cervera, and military veterans Dave Roel, and Brendan O'Byrne. As they hike from Washington DC to Pennsylvania, the men talk about their experiences, why they go back, what they miss, and discuss the difficulties they encounter transitioning into civilian life. Moving quickly, and staying out of sight, the four men cover woodlands, cities, and rivers, reconnecting with America along the way. Watch the trailer on the HBO documentary website or on YouTube.

The film will play this weekend at the in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Town Center 5, and at the Quad Center in NYC.  The film is an HBO Documentary film, and will premiere on television on November 10.

Best, Kanani Fong

Kanani Fong
Military & Veteran Outreach, Goldcrest Films, NY

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