Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Remembering Embryo Stage, 22 years ago today.

Embryo Stage

That was the name of the operation that had us loaded for bear and headed out west.

The weather was much colder in Utah than it was in Savannah at the end of October. As I walked off the back of the C130, the JP4 in the air caused my eyes to water and my nose to burn, a common occurrence in this line of work, a sensation never forgotten and often missed.

Moving towards the hangar the wind blew the sleet sideways and it burned my exposed skin as if I had stuck it in an ant pile.  (Read more)

May they rest in peace, may we never forget.

COL John Keneally - 3/75 CDR
LTC Ken W. Stauss - 1/75 CDR
1SG Harvey Moore - 3 PLT C Co 1/75 PSG, acting 1SG 

Air Commandos - Quiet Professionals
LTC Ronald Pexiotto
CPT Michael Nazionale
TSGT Mark Scholl
SSG Steven. W. Kelly
SGT Phillip Kesler
SGT Mark G. Lee
SRA Derek Hughes

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