Saturday, October 25, 2014

Operation Urgent Fury 25 October 1983

Thirty-one years ago I was a student in the mountain phase of US Army Ranger School.  Waiting by an LZ for Blackhawks to come pick us up for more fun Ranger stuff, we asked the RI (Ranger Instructor) what was new in the world.

"Well", he said, "this morning Rangers jumped into Grenada.  How many of you are Second Lieutenants?" I and a few others raised our hand. "They're dying over there and they're gonna need more - so you better pay attention".

Pay attention I did, and remember I will.

A veteran of the operation, Stephen Trujillo gives an on the ground account.  He received a Silver Star for his heroism there.

Here's an article from the Savannah news.

Brief video about Rangers jumping, featuring GallantFew advisor Mad Max Mullen.

These Rangers made the ultimate sacrifice:  Sergeant Randy E. Cline, Sergeant Mark A. Rademacher, Specialist Four Mark O. Yamane, Private First Class Marlin R. Maynard, and Private First Class Russell L. Robinson; 1st Ranger Battalion; killed in action Grenada, 25 October 1983.  You and your sacrifice shall never be forgotten.

Rangers Lead the Way!

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