Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Immediate Action - Tesla Motors - HIRING

Please note, we are passing this info along - please direct inquiries to the point of contact listed and good luck!
Subject: Immediate ACTION - Tesla Motors - HIRING

Good morning All,

I’d like to introduce you to Jason Noma (Army Veteran) at Tesla.  He is the Military Recruiter for Tesla Motors.

PLEASE push this out to separating and retiring Veterans.

He/Tesla is AGRESSIVLY recruiting and wants to hire hundreds of Veterans to fill Production Associates position,IMMEDIATELY.   This is the real deal.  Veterans need to click and apply at PRODUCTION ASSOCIATE – U.S. MILITARY VETERAN Disregard the # of openings – they NEED hundreds of Veterans, NOW!

When I say aggressively, Tesla hired 9 staff members to speed up the hiring process.  Tesla is conducting 120 interviews a day.  AND, the veteran could start working in a couple weeks from the time they submit their applications – Veterans need to apply TODAY

This is NOT a “Black-hole” recruitment.  The Veteran will receive a status, from a real person!

The starting pay is $17 an hour and goes up from there.  Plus full benefits the day the Veteran starts working and thousands of dollars in Tesla stock!

Please note that this is a large recruitment – the working location is Fermont, CA.

If you have any questions, Please contact Jason at (650) 681-5523, email:

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