Monday, October 20, 2014


By: Boone Cutler
October 20, 2014
Be; born. Be; present. Find the real-zone. Sometimes its hard to be a professional and be quiet but that's what a professional does because few can understand anyway. So, be-still your mind as you work.
Do your job and do well with it. Contentment is knowing who you are and what you represent; truthfully and without doubt.
Balls-deep confidence comes from the experience of being humbly unvanquished after battle; not before.
Confidence and faith in unison evokes your destiny but don't expect recognition because most will only see what happens in-front of the curtain and the real magic happens beyond-the-lights when ideas become reality.
If you are the only one that sees your vision and your vision comes true; that's God showing you your path and its only for you.
Why would you need to sell yourself if you are already owned by God? Is there a higher bidder?
Let it be. Let it be good. Find the Real-Zone and dare to stay there.
All the way, Boone
WRITTEN: October 20, 2014


  1. Boone talks a lot .... and what's with all the hyphens? Haha

    Thanks Karl.

    All the way, Boone