Saturday, May 28, 2011

Memorial Day - A Day of Remembrance for Those Who Died in Our Nation's Service

Let us never forget the sacrifices made on our behalf.  The current issue of Patrolling, the publication of the 75th Ranger Regiment Association features Ranger Aaron Weaver's daughter giving her father a hug.

Military Times:  Remember the Fallen.

SFC (ret) Mike Schlitz spoke to the Cessna Management Association last week.  Here's the video of his talk:  Part I and Part II.  Amazing story of a soldier, the IED explosion that changed his life and the ongoing work he does now - truly inspirational.

Origin and true meaning of Memorial Day.

Trace Adkins "Arlington"

As Chaplain (COL) Steve Berry said over the memorial for our friends,
"May we remind each other that these men who died doing what they loved best will not fade away. We will remember and we will pray for them forever."
There are so many of my friends, and more of my friends' friends who have given their lives for this country.  I am humbled and privileged to have served with them.  They will never be forgotten.

Rangers Lead the Way.


Monday, May 23, 2011

The New American Veteran - SGT Dunson and Soldier Hard

Boone Cutler hosted last week's The New American Veteran.  It featured a great interview with two veterans who have turned their experience into material for their musical careers.  Both SGT Dunson and Soldier Hard create hard-hitting, emotionally driven rap music that capture the essence of being a combat soldier - a Warfighter.  Listen to the interview here.

SGT Dunson's webpage is here, and below are two of his music videos.

Warfighter Anthem was written by Soldier Hard for National Warfighter.

Below is a pic of Boone, Soldier Hard and SGT Dunson at the recent AUSA GEN Westmoreland Chapter dinner, and a note sent by the Chapter President:

Boone,On behalf of the AUSA General William C. Westmoreland Chapter, I want to thank you for an awe inspiring evening this past Friday night.  Having you as our Armed Forces Day Dinner Guest Speaker truly was one of the best decisions we have ever made.  Your enthusiasm transcended to all attendees and no doubt inspired them.  Let us know if we can do anything to help you with your message in the future.  I have sent my Dinner report to AUSA National today - I am certain they will be impressed by you.  I very much enjoyed visiting with you, Sgt Dunson, Soldier Hard, and the others, and do hope we can all stay in touch.  Our very best to you always. LTC (Ret) Sharlee "Charley" W. SmithPresidentGeneral William C.Westmoreland ChapterAssociation of the United States Army (AUSA)
Visit these warrior's websites and support them by downloading their music.  SGT Dunson and Soldier Hard.   They are a new voice for this generation of new veterans.  Thank you for your service!

This week I'll interview Mike Conklin, of Sentinals of Freedom.  The time for the live interview has changed, to 9:00am Eastern time Thursday May 26th.  Listen in!  If you have a question, the call in number is 818-475-9354.

GallantFew's Ranger Challenge is on!  We need your help to raise $111,111 by 11/11/11.  The first 100 donors to donate $1,000 or more will be listed on our webpage as Founders of GallantFew and will receive a shirt and a wall plaque.  Detailed announcement coming soon.  Email me, for more information or donate by credit card.


PS:  Returning soldiers cope with stress disorder.  This is a good article.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jarrett Edwards and Operation Outdoors USA

This past Thursday I interviewed professional fisherman and veteran supporter Jarrett Edwards.  Jarrett has been fishing the Bassmaster Trail for over nine years and fishes at the NASCAR level of competitive angling.  He is the youngest national TV host of his own highly popular Jarrett Edwards Outdoor TV fishing show.  Jarrett and his wife Rebecca created Operation Outdoors USA to honor and show appreciation to our active duty service people and our veterans.  Their activities directly support the Lone Survivor Foundation, and indirectly support all veterans!

At the age of 25, Jarrett was on top of the world, making a great living in competitive fishing.  He was a newly-wed, having been married to Rebecca seven months when he felt a lump on his neck.  The resulting diagnosis of cancer was dire and Jarrett went through aggressive treatment and was able to defeat the disease.  On June 28, 2005 he had his last treatment and watched the news in shock as the world learned of a SEAL Team lost in action, with one survivor.  He became motivated to do something to make a difference in the lives of the veterans who fought to give him the freedoms to pursue his dream.  Mike Schlitz and I had the opportunity to meet both Rebecca and Jarrett at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach last March.  I can personally attest that they are great Americans!  They care deeply about our veterans and have dug deep into their own pockets, donating $80,000 to self-fund Operation Outdoors USA.  To date the boat has 3,215 signatures - including mine on the propeller!


Listen to the interview here, and watch for Jarrett - he's on the World Fishing Network and the Sportsman's Channel.  He will continue touring the boat around the US until October 15 when he donates it to the Lone Survivor Foundation's Texas ranch where it will be put to use taking veterans out for the healing experience of fishing.

The Operations Outdoor USA fishing boat, covered with veterans' signatures.

Jarrett Edwards, Ranger Veteran/Actor Tim Abell, Ranger Veteran Mike Schlitz, Rebecca Edwards

Last week the full board of GallantFew, Inc gathered to discuss and plan for the future of the organization.  It was a great event, led by Ms. Candyss Bryant, of Candyss & Associates.  We left energized and motivated, and with clear direction for the organization.

One key aspect we discussed is the need to raise money.  Our advocacy work on the behalf of veterans requires travelling, our communications strategy requires multiple online outlets, and we are producing printed materials to get in the hands of veterans.  Our ability to serve veterans is limited by our operational bandwidth, not by the numbers of veterans out there.  Remember that OIF/OEF veterans face 22% unemployment, homeless rates 3-4 times that of civilians and the VA tells us that 18 veterans commit suicide daily.  GallantFew exists to reduce veteran unemployment and homelessness and eliminate veteran suicide - and the way we do that is by matching the veteran with another veteran in their hometown, who is now successful in his or her post-military career.  Our initial focus is on the US Army Ranger veteran, simply because that is the basis of our founder's personal network.  As we expand in funding and visibility we will actively reach out to more - our dream is to provide a veteran mentor to every honorably discharged veteran of every branch of the US military - and someday perhaps even help our Allies set up a similar program.

We need your help!  We have a goal of raising $111,111 by 11/11/11 and to date we are 10% there.  Your contribution is tax deductible and goes directly to helping more veterans.  You can make a donation online, or for more information please email Karl at or call him at 316-249-0218.

Look for us at the June 11th Hollywood Celebrity Sporting Clays Invitational!  Come out for a fun day of shooting and outdoor activities that will benefit several organizations, including GallantFew!  Thanks to Hollywood actors Patrick Kilpatrick and Tim Abell for including us!




Monday, May 9, 2011

The National Wounded Veteran "To Do List"

Last week I interviewed Dave Mahler, Executive Director of USA Together.  USA Together is known as the 'Craig's List' for Wounded Warriors.  If a wounded warrior has a need, he or she can apply to USA Together to have the need listed on their website.  If a citizen wants the opportunity to help a specific veteran, they can go to the website and pick someone to assist.

A few years ago some Silicon Valley folks, who work near a VA hospital decided to use the power of the internet to help the men and women of the US military who have suffered life-altering injuries in service to our country.  Thus was born  What makes this very special is the people who set up and run USA Together are by and large civilians, and during the interview when I gave Dave Mahler the opportunity to plug his day job, he declined and brought the focus back to helping these veterans.

USA Together now has teams operating on both the east and west coasts, and when they receive a request they verify the veteran, confirm the need and post the request.  That need is then broadcast by email to anyone who has subscribed through the USA Together website.  That individual can then decide if they are able to provide the requested assistance.  This is a wonderful program and kudo's to the team that has put this together.  Please help me spread the word.

The full interview is available to listen to here.

GallantFew continues to grow in our mission of assisting Ranger veterans transition from active duty to the civilian world.  We match these newest veterans with Ranger veterans who are now successful in their post-military civilian careers.  These mentoring relationships provide social and professional networking and development, emotional support and physical assistance.  We have a goal of raising $111,111 by 11/11/11 Veterans Day - help us by making a tax-deductible contribution so we can expand our mission of ensuring no Ranger veteran is unemployed, homeless or commits suicide.  We look forward to the day that we can expand this program to serve every honorably discharged veteran of every branch of the US military.

Finally, our thoughts and prayers go to the family of GP Broad.  GP passed away last week.  He was a great supporter of the military and of GallantFew.  We are saddened at his loss.

RLTW  Karl

Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden Killed by US SOF

The actions of a few have changed the course of the world and the lives of many, many people.
  • 3.497 died in the 9/11 attacks and days (and years) following
  • 4.770 coalition forces died in Iraq
  • 2,441 coalition forces died in Afghanistan
  • Civilian and enemy casualities number too great to count
  • Over 43,000 US forces wounded
  • Over two million US forces have served in Iraq/Afghanistan

(numbers as of May 2nd, 2011 - sources and

The long war isn't over, but it has entered a new chapter.

"Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty."  JFK

Huffington Post:  Inside the Raid.

Osama bin Laden killed, reported by Al-Jazeera.

This video is a few years old, but what a fitting tribute to our great nation. 

God bless our country, our service-members (with a special eye on Rangers and SOF), and our veterans.

RLTW  Karl