Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Traumatic Brain Injury - TNAV Talk Show

It's all the rage to talk about the signature injury of the Iraq/Afghanistan wars - Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

Here, NPR talks about it:  Brain Wars - How the Military is Failing its Wounded

Today's TNAV talk show featured Dr. Jacob Shores, of the Dallas Carrick Brain Center.  We talked about TBI, what is it, how does it affect a person, and what is the latest in diagnosis and treatment.

Dr. Shores bio

UPDATE:  If you want to contact Carrick to learn more or to find out how to seek treatment there:  (214) 771-8885 or at

Currently Carrick's treatment is cash only.  They have received grants in the past, one from the State of Texas just expired.  If you want to support their work and help pay for another veteran to receive treatment, you can make a donation here:

Brain Treatment Foundation
C/O Kara Williams
105 Decker Court
Irving, TX 75062

Following Dr. Shores was SFC (ret) Phillip Kitts who talked about his own TBI, including the reasons why it's not immediately treated in the military.  Those reasons range from: Not wanting to show signs of weakness; not wanting to abandon comrades in the field, not wanting superiors to think you're not capable; even if you as a leader might not want to lose a capable soldier from the field so you ignore the symptoms.

We closed out with Mrs. Kitts, who talked about her experiences as a caregiver and offered her contact information to other caregivers.  Watch the archive - it's valuable information.

Youtube archive of the show - audio only will be available soon.

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