Thursday, April 3, 2014

Chili Off The Grid-Season Premier

The Season Premier of Chili Off The Grid aired last night on the Hunt Channel. Remember folks these guys want to help veterans integrate back into society by allowing them to hunt and mentor them through their own network. Aaron is a Marine veteran who has a remarkable story and wants to help our nation's heroes.

This is an opportunity for veterans to get some airtime on National Television and to talk about future goals, while hunting with an outstanding group of guys. I was able to talk about helping veterans and get GallantFew some airtime all while hunting which to me is a great opportunity. Even though I am a rookie on TV it was a great time and I hope to continue working with CTOG as a way to raise awareness for veteran issues.

Please take a look at this and remember that 22 veterans a day are taking their own life. The cost of war can be too much but with a little bit of guidance a veteran does not have to face the path alone. Make a difference. If you would like to hunt or want to help the cause contact Aaron Childress.

Click the link below and enjoy Season 1:1 of Chili Off The Grid.

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