Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Invisible Wound and the National Gulf War Resource Center

Today's TNAV featured Diana Veseth-Nelson of Invisible Wound and Ronald Brown of the National Gulf War Resource Center.  Watch here (or below) or listen here!  You can also find the show in the iTunes podcast directory (search GallantFew).

Diana talks about her personal experience as spouse of a soldier with PTSD (we also had a great discussion about whether "D" should be dropped).  This is one dynamite gal who has the bravery and personality to take the challenges she and her husband face and share them with us, while working to raise awareness and make things better for others.

Following that, Karl spoke with Ronald Brown about his campaign to get certain symptoms recognized by the Secretary of the VA as presumptive.  Ronald has posted templates of letters at this link, all you need to do is download, add your signature block and drop it in the mail.

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