Tuesday, April 29, 2014

TDRL Address Changes

Received from an AW2 rep.  Please share with anyone pending or receiving medical retirement from the US Army.

Hi Friends,
It is critically important to keep the Army updated with your current address, phone number, email… you are TDRL
Do not ignore the letters they send you! If you do you will be dropped from the retirement list. The Army does not attempt to figure out your address at all. One department might have it but it does not matter … the Physical Disability Agency (PDA) is the only agency that will contact you… they do not ask the AW2 branch, or even HRC (Human Resource Command), Not DFAS, nobody… YOU must contact them through the address, or phone number below.

Send change of address information to:
Physical Disability Agency,
ATTN: TDRL Branch,
2530 Crystal Drive,
Arlington, Virginia 22202;

Or call toll free to 1-855-863-0426;
Or email:usarmy.pentagon.hrc.mbx.usapda-tdrl@mail.mil

I personally would verify that they have the correct information if I were in TDRL status. You have too much to lose!

They are processing these physicals with less delay than in the past…

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