Thursday, May 15, 2014

TNAV Broadcast May 14 - Rangers Machado and Streeter

Here's the video link to the show featuring Sergio Machado (Army Ranger, 101st combat veteran and BJJ Black Belt/World Champ) and Michael Streeter (Army Ranger, 2nd Ranger Battalion and veteran advocate).  If you don't have time to watch the video, download the podcast at iTunes (search gallantfew in the podcast directory).

TNAV May 14, 2014

After a short rant on the VA, I bring Sergio on.  Sergio talks about friends he lost in Iraq and the effect it's had on him, as well as how he's overcome serious and significant injuries to become a World Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master and owner of his own fight academy.  Sergio's website and Team 3 Fight Academy

Second half of the show features Michael Streeter. Michael broke his back in a parachute mishap and spent the following twenty years in anger and strong liberally prescribed narcotics.  Listen and learn how we took charge of his care, turned down meds (VA doc quote:  "then you must not be hurt as bad as you say, if you don't want the meds") and turned around his life.

The Charleston VA article on Michael Streeter - Army Veteran finds peace with alternative therapy.  Ranger Streeter is featured on these News 2 Special Reports - The War at Home Part One and Part Two.

On the show I mention this new book - retail price is $45, you can get it through GallantFew for $30 plus shipping (OK on Amazon Prime can get it for $32 - and if you do, make sure you start at and enter gallantfew for the charity).  It's an awesome book and $8 goes to GallantFew for each book you order.  Email me with your contact information and number of books you want and I'll get back to you ASAP.

This just in!!! On Memorial Day I'll interview Mr. Martin Morgan, author of "The Americans on D-Day".  Don't miss!

There are also brief cameos by Ranger Matt Eversmann and the son of a WWII Ranger Battalion Commander.  You have to listen to know who it is!

No show next week - I'll be at the USSOCOM Care Coalition Conference in Tampa to present GallantFew's work and collaborate with other agencies helping Special Operations veterans.  Currently planning two shows for the following week - one on May 26 and one on the usual Wednesday, May 28.  Know someone I should interview?  Let me know.

Finally, some scrutiny of the VA begins.  Obama names one of his senior advisors to oversee the VA review.  Too bad he couldn't have found a veteran to do this, although at least Rob Nabors is a military brat (although my optimism is reduced as I watched the Senate hearings I heard Sec. Shinseki express pleasure at Nabors' selection as Shinseki is old and dear friends with Nabors' father and mother).   Overall the Senators appear bi-partisan in their questioning and are not in the mood to continue as-is.

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