Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What About Words?

This is my first contribution to The New American Veteran BlogSpot and I wanted to start off on the right foot so to speak. I was fortunate to spend 4th of July with a friend from the Army in Ft. Worth/Dallas area. As a special treat I got to meet in person Karl Monger, founder of Gallant Few. This is a man I admire so it was a real honor to be invited to contribute here for the New American Veteran BlogSpot and I am deeply honored.

This blog for me is a collection of random thoughts and life's lessons I have experienced after leaving military service honorably and trying to assimilate back into civilian society. I am a non combat undeployed infantry service connected disabled Veteran. It has taken me more than five years to become comfortable with the idea that I am no longer in the Army. No one trains you to turn off the Soldier so to find your own off switch can be a troubling endeavor. It has cost me relationships, career opportunities, friendships and social interactions. However, it has taught me resilience and tested my faith. I will talk about these things in greater detail later, but for now let me start off with words.

Words are important to me. I believe words are important to you too. Why? Words reflect who we are. How another perceives us is only as strong as their interaction with us and that interaction is an exchange of language both verbal and non verbal. Therefore it goes hand and hand that what we do MUST be a reflection of what we say. We learned this in the military, not just in life. When what we say reflects what we do there is great power. Your words and actions are in alignment and your intention and integrity are intact.

Stew on that, feel free to ask questions, but integrity in language is where I started to learn about myself again and how I started on the long road back home.

Yours Truly
Larry Zabel


  1. Thank you for contributing, Larry!

    1. You are very welcome. I hope you found it helpful.