Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How Writing Heals Wounds of Both Mind and Body

Interesting article published in Time on how expressing emotion in words can help physical wounds heal more quickly.


This is an open invitation to any Veteran who would like to give this a try.  GallantFew's TNAV blog will publish blog essays submitted by Veterans, subject to the following parameters:

  • We will verify Veteran status prior to publication - no posers.
  • This is a public audience.  Profanity and obscenities may be edited out.
  • We will not correct grammar or spelling.  Other than these parameters the essays will remain as authored.
Veterans whose essays are selected for publication will receive a GallantFew tee.  At the end of the year, the most popular essay author (determined by pluses, comments, shares) will receive special mention on the GallantFew website, an interview on TNAV and an invitation to join the GallantFew Veteran blogger team.

Submit essays here.

V/R  Karl

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