Thursday, January 12, 2012

Run Ranger Run - CNN Friday Morning!

Have you seen Ranger Cory Smith's endeavor?

In order to draw attention to the difficult transition soldiers have from active duty to civilian life, Cory decided to show how hard it is by running home.  Thing is, Cory was stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia and his home is in Indianapolis, Indiana - a mere 565 miles away.

Today Cory ran his EIGHTH TWENTY MILE day.  He had a day off early to complete his outprocessing from the Army, and tomorrow morning Cory will appear LIVE on CNN's Morning Express with Robin Meade in the 8am Eastern time hour.  (updated with the archived footage)

Follow Cory's progress with live updates on Facebook from his iPhone while he's out running.

With every step that Cory takes, awareness grows and more veterans learn about GallantFew and ask for assistance.  In the eight days that Cory's run so far more than two dozen veterans have contacted us, asking for transition assistance.  We need your help.

If you are a veteran, successfully transitioned to civilian life, volunteer to be a mentor - we seek to create mentoring relationships that are same home-town, same branch of the service, same Regiment, Battalion or Wing assignment wherever and whenever possible.

If you are not a veteran but want to volunteer, we are forming volunteer committees that help us with fund-raising, operations and marketing/awareness.

If you are about to leave active duty and want to plug in to our growing network, click here.

We need funding.  We need donations, and it doesn't matter how small - any amount is desperately needed.  In order to meet our ambitious goals we have to raise enough money to do the basics of mentoring - screening, matching, creating, supporting and measuring the success of relationships - and we are already past the point where our volunteers can do it in their spare time.  This is a full-time job, and a very important one.  Help us by making a tax-deductible donation here.  If you want it to support Cory's run, simply write "Smitty" in the comments.

Together we can make a dent in veteran unemployment, homelessness and suicide issues.  We can't solve all of them right now - but we can stop the NEXT suicide.  And the next... and the next...

Join the GallantFew - help us become the Gallant Many.

RLTW  Karl


  1. Following you, but you need to make a correction. Robin Meade is on HLN not CNN. I almost recorded the wrong show!

  2. Sorry about that, but I did link Robin Meade's show with show time in the second paragraph.