Sunday, January 15, 2012

GallantFew Updates

Run Ranger Run Update:

Cory Smith's unparalleled saga continues.  He has completed ten days of running 20 miles a day, with only a couple days off to complete his outprocessing paperwork with the Army and to fly to Indianapolis for a job interview.  The awareness he is raising and the visibility has resulted in an avalanche of veterans coming to GallantFew either to request assistance in transitioning or to volunteer to help.  We've also had a number of civilians volunteer their talents.  This has resulted in a backlog - be patient, GallantFew will be in touch with each and every one of you.

Latest media:

Robin Meade's show Morning Express on CNN's HLN.  She did an extended interview of Cory that is set to air on President's Day - we'll keep you posted.

Yesterday Cory crossed into Tennessee where he was met and escorted by Patriot Guard Riders. 

Here is a great news article published this morning and it highlights his story of faith and his own personal transition challenges.  After attending church services this morning, he's off for another 20 miles.

Cory gives a thumbs up on his run yesterday. You can track his progress through live updates on Twitter and on the Run Ranger Run page on Facebook.

If you want to help support Cory's run, please make a tax-deductible donation here, and make sure you write Smitty in the comments field.

JOBS:  A few months ago I interviewed US Army Veteran Bob Freitas.  Bob's story of transitioning from active duty to the civilian world is very interesting, and the uniqueness of his transition is actually a common veteran story.  Bob currently manages several Oklahoma McDonald's stores, and he is eager to hire veterans.  If you want to learn more, please contact Bob by email or call him at 918-770-6956.

VETERANS OUTDOORS FOUNDATION:  Last week I interviewed US Army Veteran Corey Nixon.  Corey and some other veterans in Kansas have formed an outstanding new organization that provides opportunities for veterans to return to the outdoor activities that they loved before deploying overseas.  Many of today's veterans have lost the love for many things they once enjoyed.  Corey talks about the "finding peace in nature".  You may contact Corey by email or call him at 785-260-0863.

I hope you are all off to a very Happy New Year.  If any of you are attending Shot Show next week, stop by the Warrior Appreciation Night and look for Tim Abell, Mike Schlitz and me.

RLTW  Karl

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