Monday, January 23, 2012

In The Early Morning Rain

In The Early Morning Rain

At the end of each day, there is a day well run.
Sometimes you meet rain and sometimes sun.
You continue each day in the fog or the snow
And continue your course so we all will know.

"Rangers Lead the Way", you continue to say.
Your message is echoed till the end of the day.
We support you, you see; your cause is the best.
We are supporting the troops; all passed the test.

Now our mission must be to not let them down,
So let us echo the message through village and town. 
We welcome them back to City and State.
Let's assess their needs; we will not hesitate.

They gave our country the freedom we see.
Let's give them back their earned dignity.
We support you for leading us in your great race.
Twenty miles a day - you have set a great pace.

We must remember to not give up the goal
To work hard and focus; don't leave out a soul.
So now it's our turn to rally our great troops.
We will now study hard and jump through the hoops.

WWW.GALLANTFEW.ORG is the place to see
Just how we fit in and just where to be.
One by one, we will sign up for the need.
We know, in the end, we will all succeed.

Written by PGK Sir Joseph Anthony Neuhoff, Knights of Columbus Council #14521, Signal Mountain TN. For Cory and His Mother Ruth. The Knights will keep him in their prayers for a safe arrival and reunion with his baby girl. Gods Speed. We will stay in touch for more support later.

For more information, visit the Run Ranger Run website or Facebook page.

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