Friday, April 22, 2011

Combat to Corporate

Yesterday on GallantFew's The New American Veteran internet radio show, I interviewed Ranger veteran and author Chad Storlie.  Chad said: "Despite service to their country, military veterans face an unemployment rate 20 percent above the overall U.S. figure. There is no question that the military-to-civilian transition is difficult, especially when it comes to entering the workforce. Happily, vets can use military experience and training to establish, improve, and propel their civilian careers.  Combat Leader to Corporate Leader: 20 Lessons to Advance Your Civilian Career outlines 20 lessons describing how veterans can apply their universal military training to succeed and excel in the business world. Combat Leader to Corporate Leader teaches Army, Navy, Marine, and Air Force veterans and non-military professionals how to apply successfully the skills that have made the U.S. military successful."

The interview is quite interesting, and we had a surprise caller towards the last 15 minutes of the show when CSM Jeff Mellinger called in to discuss some of the issues he has seen with veterans applying for government positions.  Please listen to the interview here.  Order a copy of Chad's book here, and visit his website here - there is a great deal of information available.  Chad also is an editorial writer for

A quick report on the T10RR project started by the US Army Rangers LinkedIn networking group.  We have identified key Rangers at numerous defense contractors and are working to establish a referral process for any Ranger leaving active duty that desires to work for one of them.  If you are a Ranger interested in participating in the program, sign in to LinkedIn and search for the group US Army Rangers.  There are several Ranger groups out there, so make sure you get the correct one.  It is a closed group, you will have to send the administrator a message describing your Ranger qualifications in order to gain access.  Currently there are 895 Rangers participating in this group.  If you have difficulties finding us, email me.

We continue to seek Ranger veterans, now successful in their post-military careers to buddy up and be a mentor to a Ranger just now leaving active duty.  We ask you to be a mentor and to introduce the new veteran to the ways of civilian life.  For more information go to GallantFew's website and enroll.  If you are (or know a) Ranger leaving active duty, direct them to the website and tell them to sign up.

Congratulations to this year's Best Rangers MSG Turk and SGM Zajkowski, both from USASOC!

GallantFew will soon be officially announcing our first ever fund-raising campaign.  As a nonprofit dedicated to matching Ranger veterans leaving active duty with Ranger veteran mentors who are now successful in their post-military careers, we have costs associated with running a quality operation.  We have a goal of raising $111,111 by 11/11/11, Veterans Day.  Please help us by making a tax deductible donation!

RLTW and Happy Easter.  

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