Monday, April 4, 2011

Top 10 Ranger Referrals for Conference Call

Top 10 Ranger Referrals Kickoff Meeting Agenda
Times below are listed in EST

17:00 to 17:05 Welcome
  • Deepest thanks and appreciation to all who volunteered online and all who dialed in today

17:05 to 17:10 Attendence -
  • Attendees list taken by voice
  • Follow-up for contact details to follow by individual e-mails or link invitations to all attendees

17:10 to 17:15 Problem statement for Rangers leaving the Army
  • High veteran unemployment after leaving the service
  • High veteran suicide rate
  • High veteran homeless rate
  • Veteran substance abuse problems
  • Veteran depression
  • Higher than average number of physically and mentally wounded among Ranger combat veterans (TBI, PTSD, bodily injuries)
  • High stress on Ranger families
  • Lack of visibility into the overall job market for those with Ranger skills

17:15 to 17:20 Gallant Few efforts to date to help Rangers leaving the Army

17:20 to 17:25 Gallant Few mentoring/Ranger buddy role

17:25 to 17:30 Top 10 Ranger Referrals Idea Overview
  • The concept is outlined in the online discussion, no need to repeat it here in print.  We will just have a brief overview.

17:25 to 17:30  Top 10 Ranger Referrals Zero Funding Concept -
  • Lack of funding will never stop us or slow us down.  
  • This will be managed as a zero-budget, all volunteer operation.  
  • We will use free online resources and the power of our excellent people as much as possible.  
  • We will show that Rangers can make amazing things happen even without a nickel of outside funding.  We are Rangers.  We don’t just do more with less, we do more with nothing!
  • Any hiring bonus money that an employer might pay to whoever creates an employee referral may be used as the person receiving it best sees fit.  For those who want to donate such funds back to the Ranger community, a charity coordinator can help determine where it might do the most good.

17:30:to 17:40 Operational Concept (CONOPS), Roles & Responsibilities (R&R)
  • First Contact - A Ranger shortly before of after leaving the service contacts the group himself or through a buddy (As we get rolling, we hope to also include the Regimental and Battalion officers to feed us contact info for Rangers who are nearing their ETS date)
  • Vetting - Ranger is verified to be who he says he is so we keep posers from infiltrating the group.
  • Mentor - Ranger is assigned a mentor who will help coordinate his contact with any other group members and make sure he gets what he needs.  Mentor will look for any roadblocks in our processes and work to clear them.  This is very similar to the Gallant Few mentor role.  We hope to bring lessons learned from Gallant Few to bear here.
  • Resource Counselor - The resource counselor will help create a resource locator list for Rangers whose families might need short-term assistance of any kind.  The resource counselor will help ensure that the Ranger and his family are getting health care, treatment for any physical or mental conditions he may have, short or long term disability for the wounded, unemployment or food assistance, addiction assistance, housing assistance, help with getting to an interview in another state (perhaps a car ride or a donation of unused airline miles) and help with getting interview clothing if needed.  This is the embodiment of “I will never leave a fallen comrade”, Rangers look out for each other and each other’s families.  We are all one big Ranger family.
  • Career Counselor - Ranger is assigned a career counselor who will help the Ranger figure out where he wants to live and what types of work he is open to doing.  Career counselor will help track the Ranger’s progress with all jobs he applies for and all employers where he has a referral entered into their system.
  • Job Mapper - The career counselor will coordinate with the job mapper to see what employers have jobs in the cities & states the Ranger can work in. The job mapper will help track jobs where Secret and Top Secret clearances Rangers have can be used and renewed.
  • Resume Counselor - The career counselor will work with the resume counselor to tailor a resume and cover letter to fit the type of jobs the Ranger wants to apply for.
  • Employer Point Man - The career counselor will work with the employer point man where a Ranger wants to apply for a job.  The employer point man will take the customized resume and cover letter and enter an employee referral for that Ranger.  The employer point man will often have access to inside information such as the recruiter’s name and the hiring manager’s name.  The employer point man will follow up with the recruiter and hiring manager and forward the Ranger’s nicely formatted resume and cover letter to them.

17:40 to 17:50 Volunteer List and Open Slots Review
  • I am overwhelmed by how many excellent Rangers volunteered to help this effort.  I won’t list all the names here, I will publish them following the call.
  • Confirmation of Rangers who volunteered for various roles and requests for volunteers to fill open slots:
    • Employer point man for various companies
      • Creates and coordinates employee referrals for a specific employer (this can be a Ranger at a DOD contractor or any of the great Rangers who volunteered to help from other industries)
    • IT support
      • Sets up and manages an online space for us all to communicate
      • Manages group member contact details and e-mail lists
      • Helps build and manages posting online of resources such as
        • Ranger resource locator (list of available services for Ranger families)
        • DOD Contractor (and other Ranger-friendly employers) jobs map
        • Resume statement bank (DOD-speak to civilian-speak translator)
    • Mentor
      • Karl Monger has this role very well defined in his “Gallant Few” organization.  It’s Ranger buddy and adopted uncle all rolled into one.
    • Resource counselor
      • Helps the Ranger and his family with any services they might need outside of the specific areas already outlined
    • Career counselor
      • Helps the Ranger figure out what his own personal skill set and credentials bring to the table, where he might like to work, and what type of jobs he is open to performing.
    • Resume counselor
      • Helps the Ranger build a very professional looking resume and cover letter tailored to specific job types, specific jobs, or specific companies.  
      • Works to keep the resume statement bank up to date with our best translations of military skills.
    • Education & training counselor
      • Helps the Ranger understand where his GI Bill money can go to do him the most good.  
      • Works to keep the resource locator up to date with education and training resources that are not rip-offs

17:50 to 18:00 Community Questions and Suggestions

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