Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Last week on The New American Veteran I interviewed Ranger veteran Charles DeRosa.  Charles is a Principal Engineer and BAE Systems and is the spark for a program that aims to identify a Ranger veteran at large defense contractors and leverage that contact into job openings and opportunities for other Ranger veterans.  The program is called Top 10 Ranger Referral, or T10RR for short.  Charles is a great example of how one person - YOU - can make a difference.

Wounded USMC veteran and veteran advocate's suicide has many reeling.  Article here.  "We're ... efficient at making warriors ... but ... impotent at making them civilians."  Two other articles on Clay here and here.  Clay Hunt, RIP, you're back with your brothers now.

Oregon University program for veterans.  Article here.

Healers and Heroes - a New Jersey program just launched.

Good article on transition from battlefield to workforce.  "Over 27% of veterans aged 20-24 were unemployed".

Resiliency article, quote from COL Sean Jenkins, a 101st Brigade Commander.  Jenkins and I served together in 1/75.

Ranger Rendezvous 2011 website released here.

Gary Sinise PSA for veterans.

Apologies for the bullet entries on this blog.  Perhaps soon I'll learn to manage my time better!



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