Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spartan Race seeks Director of Operations

Position: Director of Operations
Location: Corporate Office, Boston                           
Department: COO
Founded in 2010, Spartan Race is the global leader in the sport of obstacle racing. Spartan races cater to individuals looking to test their physical limits and change their frame of reference for what they can accomplish, from everyday people looking to get off the couch and lead a fitter lifestyle, to elite endurance athletes who seek the ultimate physical test.
Spartan Race is a high-performance organization, and successful team members must therefore possess a strong work ethic and hands-on approach to business. We are innovative, create inventive solutions, and are exceptionally service minded. Team members at Spartan change lives, and have a passion for the organization. Paramount to our organization is the maturity to embrace ambiguity and ability to adapt according to the market and the continuing innovation of the organization.
Summary of position:
Reporting to the COO, this position is mainly responsible for the daily coordination of operations, as well as prioritization of time and resources to accomplish long term goals and constant improvement.
Major Duties and Responsibilities:
·       Responsible for Spartan Race Battle Rhythm, ensuring effective and efficient use of everybody’s time.  Preparation, facilitating and follow up of all Spartan Race Communications forums. 
·       Responsible for the Synchronization Matrix, to ensure planning and execution of events and that all key resources are available to support the event. 
·       Responsible for planning, resourcing and executing projects for short and long term growth.
·       Ensure strategic initiatives and projects are resourced properly and meet milestones. 
These duties can be summed up as the coordinator of all current and future operations planning and execution.  
·       Responsible for establishing and maintaining operational rhythm and tempo across the company, synchronizing multiple departments and focus areas to promote efficiency and effectiveness.
·       Promotes efficient communication throughout the company by establishing and enforcing a standardized communication system that includes daily huddles and weekly staff/operational meetings.
·       Flattens the organization's communication by promoting significant cross-talk and dissemination of information to the lowest level.
·       Manages companywide synchronization matrix and ensures adherence and resourcing of day to day operations. Provides guidance to company leadership on departmental workload capacity and potential friction points.
·       Tracks special projects/initiatives and advises leadership on the integration according to current workload capacity.
·       Enforces deadlines and inter-departmental cooperation to achieve company goals.
·       Provides analysis and recommendations for the synchronization of short term, long term and strategic goals.
·       Mediates the relationship between executive company leadership and departmental heads.
·       Assists in coordination, collaboration and the communication of intent throughout multiple leadership levels in order to align all departments to achieve success.
·       Ability to hold one-self accountable and an aptitude for prioritizing multiple projects.
·       Strong sense of teamwork with the ability to foster relationships.
·       Proactive, solutions-oriented; capability to identify efficiencies and decrease costs while maintaining a quality workplace environment and product.
·       Collegial approach to a business environment and cooperative work style.
·       Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.
·       5+ years with proven leadership skills.
·       Bachelors in Business, Finance or related field.
·       Military Operational experience a plus.
·       Proficiency in Excel, Power Point and Shared Drive’s.
·       Operational background controlling or coordinating actions for multi-matrix organizations.

Interested?  PM me with your contact info.  Karl

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