Thursday, April 9, 2015

GallantFew launches The Darby Project

GallantFew, Inc. announces launch of The Darby ProjectGrant McGarry named as project director

Every Ranger veteran deserves a life filled with purpose and hope - and who better to help a transitioning Ranger veteran than another Ranger who has already transitioned?

The Darby Project matches transitioning Rangers with Ranger "Guides" - Rangers from the same unit, same military specialty, who have previously successfully transitioned and live in the same local area as the transitioning Ranger. This helps overcome isolation and leads to a smoother and more successful transition.

Elite US Army Rangers face unique challenges when transitioning. The characteristics that make them elite soldiers can prevent them from reaching out for assistance which in turn can lead to isolation and worse. The Veterans Administration tells us that 22 veterans take their own lives every day, and that veteran unemployment and homelessness remain unacceptably high.  

Grant McGarry
In conjunction with the launch of The Darby Project, decorated Ranger veteran, Grant McGarry, has been named as Project Director. McGarry served as rifleman to team leader in the 1st Ranger Battalion and transitioned from active duty to jobs with Triple Canopy and the Coca Cola Company, as well as starting a small business, Live the Ranger Creed. While working for Coca-Cola, Grant helped start the Coca-Cola Military Veterans Business Resource Group and was appointed the Atlanta Chapter President. Grant has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Alabama and plans to start his master's degree in the fall.  

GallantFew's Executive Director, Karl Monger, said "McGarry is a well-respected Ranger veteran who understands the unique transition challenges this community faces. His energy and focus will result in a stronger bond between the active-duty Rangers and the Ranger veteran community, which will lead more Rangers to successful civilian lives filled with purpose and hope."

Rangers planning to transition (or still working through their transition) and Ranger veterans interested in becoming Guides should visit for more information.  There, they will provide contact information and proof of service.  Following a brief interview, they will be identified as a Guide or a Future Guide (all transitioning Rangers will one day help another) and a transition plan of support will be established.

GallantFew is a nationwide charitable nonprofit organization established in 2010 and provides a "Revolutionary Veteran Support Network".  Other programs include The Raider ProjectRun Ranger Run and Descendants of Sparta.  Contact for more information.

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