Friday, May 1, 2015

Reinstating Paralympic Sailing in Tokyo 2020

Received this today from a staunch veteran supporter:

Wonder if you guys would be willing to share this with your friends - we just got vets teams qualifying for Paralympics and would really like to see them compete in 2020.

I encourage all my disabled friends and their communities as well as veterans who support disabled veterans organizations to write a letter to the Olympic Committee who have taken disabled sailing out of the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Here is our letter - you may feel free to use this as a framework for your own message and send it to

Like many who support disabled sailing, I was shocked to hear that the disabled sailing competition would be dropped in Tokyo. This program does so much for so many people world wide, giving them hope and uplifting their spirits as they struggle with added complexities in their lives everyday. Sailing, in particular, creates a feeling of freedom unique from other sports and having sailing represented at the Paralympics is essential to enabling more folks to experience the exhilaration of sailing competition and the ability to feel whole again while on the water.
My wife and I sincerely request that disabled sailing be reinstated at the Paralympics.
Roger and Jane G
Here's the Facebook page supporting reinstatement.

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