Sunday, July 13, 2014

Now about that Veteran unemployment thing...

Haven't heard much talk about this, have you?

Last month veteran unemployment numbers took a turn for the worse, with post 9/11 Veterans jumping to levels near a year ago.

While the female non-veteran dropped to almost nothing, all female veteran numbers jumped the wrong way.  These are small numbers (unless you're one) but there is a defined trend since December of female veteran unemployment worsening.

Since August, all male unemployment trends have been positive.  In June however it took a serious jump negative.

This chart shows the populations against themselves the same time last year, and last month.  With rare exception, post 9/11 (shown here as GW Era II) stays significantly higher than any other population.

On a twelve month average, a post 9/11 veteran is 36% more likely to be unemployed than a person who never served.

A veteran who is trying to transition on his or her own, isolated physically and emotionally from their peers have a much more difficult time transitioning that does a veteran connected within a local network, especially if that network consists of veterans just like them, and previously successfully transitioned.  If you are transitioning, register at for a local connection.  If you already successfully transitioned and are ready to pass that experience and knowledge along, register at to be that local connection.

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