Thursday, July 17, 2014

Finding My Fit, The Struggles of Transition

James Ross, is a Ranger veteran, GallantFew volunteer, and our newest member of the blogging team.  He has found success in transition in a career field most Rangers haven't considered.  RLTW

When we transition from the military life to the civilian life it is hard to predict what the future brings. For me this was especially true. After my ETS in April of 2010 I began my long road to finding my fit. I always knew that I was good with communicating with people and getting them to listen to me, but how in the world does a veteran with no college degree and limited "real world" work experience put his leadership and drive to practical use?

After a long and arduous journey I eventually found myself content with day to day life. Determination and hard work as well as some inspiration from my wife got me through college. I managed to balance working full time, having a new born child, and college and received my Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Homeland Security Crisis Management in March of 2014. The question now was did I really want to go into this field of work. Much like the past four years I had a difficult time trying to pin down my fit.

In all of my years of life I had never even considered Real Estate as a career until my mother in-law (a Realtor of 20 years) said she thought I could be a great Realtor. So I went ahead and pursued my license here in the state of GA. Three weeks later I was an officially licensed real estate agent. The beauty of the whole thing is now I am able to communicate daily with a variety of different individuals, while at the same time putting to good use my leadership and drive that I learned during my years in the military. Also I no longer find myself in one place feeling stagnant as I did in the past with other career fields.

Once I received my license I became a member of The Joanne Curtin Team, which is a team associated with Keller Williams Realty Consultants. The draw of the team environment and being able to have my opinion be heard was extremely appealing. As veterans we strive to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and this was it for me. Now I am able to work in a team environment, while at the same time having the freedom to manage my own schedule and determine my own earning potential. The idea of helping other in their home buying process is also pretty cool. The beauty of the whole thing is that every single deal is different and believe me when I say that you are definitely faced with people of all kinds on a daily basis.          

The cliche of "if the shoe fits wear it" has ever been more appropriate. For the first time since I have left the military I find myself actually satisfied with my daily life. Previously I would tell myself that I was happy with what I was doing when in reality I was just masking my discontent with my situation. Now, it may just be that there is finally enough distance between me and my time in service, but I firmly believe that I have finally found my fit. Regardless of the situation any veteran finds themselves in they need to revert back to their discipline and mission focus and remember to stay on track and complete the mission though they be the lone survivor.

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