Thursday, July 10, 2014

Coming Home!

I was going through old emails and stumbled across this gem. For awhile now as a guest writer I have been talking about the power of The Landmark Forum. Here is a first hand account of a Landmark Forum Leader who "coached" a returning Iraq Veteran at the event. 

This was from May 2009. The background is this:
On Saturday morning of the landmark Forum: a guy on the back row who had not shared all weekend - raised his hand and said “ I need coaching. I am in the Army and in May 2006, I got the news I was going to Iraq. I promised my wife two things: I would come home and I would come home the same person.”

He began to rub his face and cry. He said “I did come home, but I did not come home the same person. And I am not really home. I live Iraq every day. It is really hard. We were madly in love and now I cannot even connect with her. I came here because I heard this could help me.”

He stood there with his head down in his hands…rubbing his face and eyes. I stood about 2 feet from him just listening and then I said “Jason, what happened”. He said “Oh, I really can’t talk about it” and he cried. I listened and asked him again what happened. He said “well, I was the leader of my platoon – 50 men - and we got ambushed. I called for backup….no backup came…I called for backup…no backup came. It  was bad…finally backup came 5 hours later and by then two of my men were dead. I was right there with them…they died. I let them die. I failed. It was my fault. I have read every manual the Army has to figure out what I did wrong. I cannot find anything.”

He raised his head and turned around - the vicious circle was on the board behind him…I said “what happened?” he said “we were ambushed, no backup came, two men died.” And then I  said “and everything else is interpretation.”  He said “WOW!”

The room erupted in a cheer. I said “what other interpretations could there be?” Almost all of the participants raised their hands: I called on one at a time and they said “honoring man, hero, integrity, loving man, brave man: he stood there with tears flowing down his face: he said “Well, I did bring 48 men home.”

Then Sun morning, a participant who is a writer - raised his hand and said he had written a poem for Jason and wanted to read it – he read to all of us, (sorry I don't have the poem).

Jason was dressed in full Army attire Tuesday evening and shared with everyone why he came to the Landmark Forum and that the Landmark Forum had brought him home!

This conveys the possibilities you can experience and these scholarships are available to you. We can help you enroll and register. You just have to want the break through. 

Here For You....

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