Sunday, June 29, 2014

Job Hunting

As most veterans take the plunge back into society after military service many are running into road blocks. Obstacles that seem very large with little experience in the outside world can be overwhelming. Finding the right mentors and the right support is key to becoming successful. Since I just graduated college with a Bachelors of Science in Human Services Psychology, finding jobs have been frustrating. I realize that a degree in Human Services does not really open up a ton of options in the job market. Utilizing my degree isnt really my first choice in pursuing a certain job or company. But I do know that my military background and coupled with a college degree I can add value to a company that has the capacity to allow it. My knowledge of people and the skills I developed in the military are not teachable.

With that said, I am learning to tweak my resume to make my skills marketable. My experience combined with a degree isnt much to be disappointed about. Getting in front of the right people and as GallantFew has equipped me to network through the "back door" has also been very beneficial. Making contact with people, veterans, friends, and church members that are already within the company you are pursuing has proven successful. So far I have driven to Iowa for a job interview at Cargill. I have talked with Koch Industries about possible options at their Headquarters in Kansas and am currently looking at the Social Security Administration for a direct hire position. Being a veteran has its pay offs. Sometimes keeping my mind positive is key to keeping me on task. Persistence pays and if anything I am proving to myself that I do have the power to get a job. I have the power to become a better person through my own skills. Dont let the negative thoughts pile up, prioritize your goals and anything is possible.

As a veteran and as a person who believes that the power lays within, I had to reach out at my darkest hours for help. The people who allowed me succeed are the same people who want me to succeed. Finding the right groups and the right mentors to share your time with will help put you back on the path to success. GallantFew has given me the power and the tools necessary to succeed and now I have the skills to pass that on to my peers. There are men and women that I served with that their family does not get to witness them become successful. At the very least, do it for them. As a collective group of people that have fought gallantly for our freedom, who can stop us?

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