Saturday, June 21, 2014

Airborne Ranger in the Sky

GallantFew has created a new tribute site for Rangers: or

Here's our first page:  Ranger Aaron Barr.

Take a moment and learn "Why".  Here are some high points.

  • Establish a historical record of every Ranger's service in a controlled, managed environment
  • Any Ranger that has passed on to the Patrol Base in the Sky may be listed 
  • Never a cost to anyone for creating and maintaining the tribute page
  • Forever ad-free
  • Accept donations to maintain and improve the site
  • Offer a link for a veteran viewing to connect to the GallantFew community for help (or to help)
This site just launched.  We need you to go establish a page for your Ranger!  Please give us your opinions/recommendations and tell us if something doesn't work.

I added these steps to help you get started as we build this into a comprehensive library of Ranger hero history that will remember and pay tribute to our Airborne Rangers in the Sky.  km

Here are the steps to a successfully published biography:

1. Do your homework, gather the required info, be thorough.
We require, at a minimum :
full name
date of casualty
several paragraphs of personal and military history
unit assignments
...of the departed Ranger.

2. Register on the site, membership is free - Register HERE now !
Once registered, you will get a Welcome Email from the site  ( can't find it? LOOK In your spam folder ! )

After you register, make sure that you are logged in to the site.
In the Biographies menu, go to the    _-* Add a Biography *-_   menu item

3. Submit your Ranger's Biography
Some fields are required

Please provide as much information, as many photos, as you can find

NOTE: Currently, 10 photos and 1 youtube vid is the default.. IF YOU HAVE MORE, you contact us, we can handle that.

Save your work OFTEN, it's the internet !

4. Wait for the "Published"  OR  the "More Info Requested" email

If you want to volunteer to help manage the site, let us know here.

A huge thank you to Ranger veteran Kent Morrison.  Kent did the heavy lifting of building this site, and he donated the majority of his time to make it happen.  Here's Kent's business site.  Please give him business!

RLTW  Karl

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