Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ignoring the Best

This is a well-written article by a reporter covering the recent Washington Press Dinner.  Ms. Parker was astounded to learn that the quiet, professional-looking man sitting at her table towards the rear of the room - who was introduced to her simply as "Bill" was in fact Admiral William McRaven, Commander of all US military Special Operations Forces.

As political leaders claimed credit for killing Osama Bin Laden, this quiet, unassuming gentleman was in reality the man who made it happen.  Love the quote, "A good leader lets his people shine, and that reflects on him without him having to beat his own drum".  Ms. Parker asks the Admiral if he's in awe of himself for bringing Bin Laden down and he smiles, shakes his head and says simply, "It's our job.  It's what we do".

Read the article - it won't take long.  Focus on the conclusion.  As the crowd made a big fuss over the Kardashian in the room, "Bill" slipped out a side door and headed for home.  Ms. Parker writes a line that sums up everything that is wrong with America today:  "Ignoring the best while celebrating the least - it's what we do".

Read the entire article here.

Rangers Lead the Way.


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