Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Blacksand Group Seeks Ranger/SOF Veterans

Blacksand Group is currently seeking resumes of individuals who would be willing to work on Ships or Oil Platforms in the West Africa area. This contract is in the planning stage and is not in hand as of this time, however as soon as it is in hand you will be notified. 

This project is being led by Blacksand (BSG) Group US, BSG Is led by Eric L Haney and Abraham Golan the project manager for this project will be Don Feeney. Both Eric and Don are former members of the 1st RBN and of US Army Delta Force. Eric and Don have worked together in the contracting community for over twenty five years. Mr Golan was an officer in the French Foreign Legion and within Israeli Special Forces, with more than twenty years experience in the Middle East and Africa.

Individual Requirements
Must have at least three years of military background with one six month tour overseas, DD214 will be required. A short Resume should also be provided,  applicants must provide a waist up photo , must be at least twenty five years of age and physically fit.

Contract Requirements
This will be a six month contract with no rotations, if the contract gets extended, leave status and contracts will be negotiated . And yes we do feel this contract will get extended.  Each five man team will consist of one team leader and four security look-outs.  Teams will rotate from duties on-board ship or oil platform to on-shore QRF and downtime. 

Pay for team member will be $6000 USD paid by direct deposit and a 1099 will be issued, Team leaders a bit higher, all other expense will be paid by client. i.e. Food, laundry, housing and transportation.

Please sent all info thru e-mail to  and CC

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