Sunday, September 4, 2011

The New American Veteran August Recap

I've been remiss about summarizing the past few weeks - especially my guests on GallantFew's BlogTalkRadio show The New American Veteran.

August 11th, 2011:  David Bancroft of USA Patriotism!  USA Patriotism! is a non-political, patriotic showcase with a mission to foster better awareness and display of love and pride of America by her citizens with  the hope of developing a better understanding and friendlier attitude about the USA from citizens of other countries.  David founded USA Patriotism! after the hateful terrorist attack on September 11, 2001.  His youngest son is a USMC veteran of Iraq.  This is a great repository of information on our nation and is a quality resource for anyone - especially students - researching the USA.

August 18th, 2011:  Boone Cutler, author of Voodoo in Sadr City returned as guest host.  The broadcast starts abut 45 seconds into the show - so disregard the white space at the start.  Boone interviewed Jerry Evans, Evans Broadcasting.  Jerry is putting together programming with Nevada Matters Media that covers the veteran world.  This is the first time that a major media outlet has focused on veterans issues and dedicated a weekly program to that.

August 25th, 2011:  Retired Lieutenant Colonel John Lock.  John has authored a number of books, including The Coveted Black and Gold and Chain of Destiny.  John has also appeared in TV episodes, most recently Deadliest Warrior, US Army Rangers versus North Korean Special Operations Forces.  Listen to this interview as he talks about transitioning, applying his military experiences, and about show biz.

September 1st, 2011:  Retired Command Sergeant Major Mike Hall.  CSM (RET) Mike Hall has served in virtually every leadership position in the 75th Ranger Regiment, including the Regimental Command Sergeant Major.  He has also served as the CSM of Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and as CSM of United States Special Operations Command (USASOC).  He retired in 2008 after 32 years of service only to be recalled back to active duty a year later to serve with GEN McChrystal as the CSM of the International Security and Assistance Forces - Afghanistan.  Listen as we talk about the US Army's transition over the past 30 years.

US veteran kills four, commits suicide.  A 37 year old army captain, recently completed his third combat deployment.

Memphis VA fights veteran suicide.

I recently learned of this song, all proceeds from the sales on 9/11 will go to Families of September 11.  Sales the week prior will go to other veteran supporting groups.  Check it out - it's pretty good.

US Chamber of Commerce Veteran Hiring Fairs.  Go check this site out for job fairs geared towards veterans.  Full schedules and details at the link.

GallantFew is now working with the Kansas Small Business Development Center to help veterans start and grow their businesses.  Our focus is on the process and documentation to achieve "verification" by the Veterans Administration as a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).  This service is offered at no charge to a veteran, and is not restricted to Kansas.

The VA has ratcheted down its verification process following a scathing IG report that found 70% of companies receiving SDVOSB set-aside contracts with the VA were not eligible to receive those contracts.  The entire SDVOSB market is well over $15 billion per year - yet only half is actually awarded to SDVOSBs, and now it appears that half is well over estimated.  I attended the National Veteran Business Conference in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago and learned a great deal more about this program.  This is a GREAT opportunity for a veteran with a 0-100% rating from the VA.  Contact me for more information by emailing or call 316-633-4599.

There are several more new resources about which you need to know:
  • is a new VA initiative.  It contains job application and resume tips, encourages all veterans to establish a profile and upload their resume, and has a sign up area for businesses.
  • Veterans Employment Coordination Service.  If you are a veteran and are interested in working for the VA, this site is for you.
We have a phenomenal team of volunteers helping get GallantFew organized to better serve our Ranger/Special Operations Forces veterans.  We are currently looking for volunteers in these areas:  IT/Sales Force, fund-raising, volunteer coordination, and mentor training material development.  If you would like to participate, contact

Finally, the GallantFew website, is moving to a new hosting service.  Please bear with us as we will have times where the site will be down.  We hope to minimize this as much as possible.  Please consider helping us with a tax deductible donation - mail your check to GallantFew, Inc., 6505 E. Central Ave, #205, Wichita KS 67206.

As we move into the week marking the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, please keep in your prayers those lost that day, their families and friends, and the men and women that have stood tall to defend our nation - many of them receiving significant wounds visible and invisible.  May we never forget any of their sacrifices, may we expend every effort to care for them, and may true freedom forever reign on this planet.

Rangers Lead the Way!


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