Saturday, September 17, 2011

Texas Job Opening - Veteran Preferred

Tasks and responsibilities

The Mud Engineer provides onsite services under general supervision by testing, measuring and supervising the operation of fluid pumping and mixing, which includes technical analysis in addition to specific product and practical recommendations for the control of fluid properties. The Mud Engineer is responsible for maintaining fluid properties on rig sites by accurately testing the properties of the fluid. In addition, the Mud Engineer also maintains the inventory at customer well sites. The Mud Engineer is responsible for providing effectual customer service by giving coordinators and rig-site customers information related to the progress of a rig site in addition to creating and implementing solutions to various rig site problems. Mud Engineers may make sales calls in the field and on a field office level from time to time. He or she may also accompany a sales representative making sales calls. A Mud Engineer provides constant support to aid operations in providing customers the most efficient, environmentally safe drilling fluids that are available. 

What the official outline doesn't say is that the leadership & mission focus skills are the very most important assets of the position. 

Starting salary for an entry level, inexperienced Technician/Trainee is ~50k per year, plus company vehicle, expense account, etc. 

As experience increases, so does the salary.  It is feasible to be earning, upwards of, $100k p/yr within 5-7 yrs. 

Relocation to the operational region is, in most cases, required.   For more information, email

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