Monday, September 15, 2014

New Job!

After many months of waiting and attempting to be patient I landed a job within the Federal Government. It took a ton of patience and many resume updating iterations but I finally landed a job. I interviewed back in June with the Social Security Administration for a GS position within Customer Relations. Since the VA had it as a direct hire position the Social Security Administration was able to create a position for me. Thankfully, it worked. Although I had to wait a few months for everything to come back and check out okay, it was worth it. I started on September 8th and am glad it has worked out.

During my first week I have had the chance to get to talk to many of my co-workers. All of whom have family or friends that have served. It has been a blessing to break the ranks of the Federal Government since my ultimate goal was to do just that. So what I'm saying is this, if you set goals and work towards them diligently you will succeed. My path since leaving the military has not been easy. The VA has had some success in helping me but it has not been smooth. During my time working with the Vocational Rehabilitation program, I have been discouraged by many people and have had many "moments." The program ultimately lived up to what it is designed to do but I had to call my Congressperson a few times to make sure they were not losing track of the mission. I found that I had to advocate for myself in order for them to do their jobs. It worked and hopefully they can utilize the lessons learned from my case and make adjustments for the many other veterans out there seeking employment.

If you want to be successful you have to follow through with what your goals are. You have to create goals in order to meet them. I have had the opportunity to make my goals become a reality and am thankful for it. My knowledge of becoming employed is something I possess to pass on to other veterans. If you need some help, let me know. Although the VA has its many flaws, find the correct people that will do their job and confide in them. Share your goals, and if the person is not on board, fire them. Or call your Congressperson. They seem to pick up the pace after they get a call from the main boss. I will be visible a lot less on social media due to this job but I will continue the mission to help my Warfighter Family. If you need anything or know of anyone that needs some life orientation, contact me. GallantFew has given me the tools I need to succeed. I suggest anyone that has a need for success to reach out. This is not a good bye but a see ya later.



We're very proud of Jay and his accomplishments, and of his work to help Veterans.  He's an example of success through hard work.  Work as hard post-service as you did to become successful in the military and you'll do well.  RLTW  km

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