Friday, September 12, 2014

Did you miss these events?

Did you miss Bonnie-Jill on TNAV?

This week I talked with the guys behind the Veterans Art Wall.

More Marauders news (we now have proclamations from every state EXCEPT California - can you help us there?):

GallantFew, Run Ranger Run, Descendants of Sparta and The New American Veteran are now trademarked!  Thank you to Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C.!

VA releases a report on veteran unemployment - and notes that post 9/11 veterans remain above the national average.  The charts I've maintained the past year show that on a twelve month average, the post 9/11 veteran is 34% more likely to be unemployed that a non-veteran, and this month he or she is 25% more likely to be unemployed.  The overall numbers are going the right direction, but there remains a disconnect among those who answered the post 9/11 call and those who did not.


Check out Run Ranger Run 2015 and the Spike TV competition, and if you know a Ranger that has passed on for any reason, honor him here.

RLTW  Karl

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