Friday, August 22, 2014

POW Tribute - Andersonville Georgia, September 19 2014

ON September19, at the Andersonville Georgia National Prisoner of War Museum  - a special ceremony and Memorial Marker unveiling will he hosted by THE RIDE HOME  

The tribute will be for Capt Floyd James Thompson, Special Forces, Americas longest held POW.

If you are not familiar with the Ride Home, I ask you to visit the above noted website. (full disclosure, I sit on the Board of Directors).  I urge you - if you are a former POW, to take advantage of the tribute weekend, recognition, and camaraderie offered - TRH covers room, tribute, banquet costs for you and a guest.  You just have to get there! It is a biker casual (jeans) weekend for POWs from ALL conflicts, and families of those still missing, as well as families of those who now have answers with remains having been returned.

We took up the challenge of a Presidential Proclamation, “I call upon the people of the United  States to join me in honoring and remembering all former American prisoners of war and those missing in action who valiantly served our great country. I also call upon Federal, State, and local government officials and private organizations to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

Each year, our goals are to invite, as our guests, former POWs and MIA families, offering a recognition commensurate with their extraordinary courage and valor, to increase the number of participants paying tribute, and to increase public awareness and commitment that we will never forget.

If you are Special Forces - active or retired - please support this effort to recognize your brother, held captive just short of NINE YEARS.  This truly will be a moving tribute - deserved but not received - as he lived tormented by his captivity, with his story ignored by media until his passing.

Proposed Itinerary -   Friday, 19 September 2014

0715 hrs. - Motorcycle Escort for all Honored Guest from Americus to Andersonville, National Prisoner of War Museum, National Historical Site and National Cemetery (former POWs CAN RIDE with an escort on bikes)

0830 hrs. – Missing in Action Memorial Service – National Cemetery

0900 hrs. – Memorial Service for Colonel F. J. Thompson, Longest held American POW

1000 hrs. – National Prisoner of War Museum, National Historic Site open for viewing & tours
                                (email me - - for full proposed weekend itinerary)

There is a beautiful POW/MIA memorial in OLD Andersonville, just across from the prison grounds. It was dedicated last year and is itself, worth the trip. If you have never been to Andersonville - do it now! It is an amazing part of our history.

There is time for each "conflict" to have private moments, or join "meet and greets" Thurs evening, ceremonies on Friday that include a dinner, and a very moving, wonderful individual POW recognition on Saturday followed by lunch. 

As with all events, if you cannot attend - monetary support is needed to cover the costs involved with hosting those that have sacrificed so much. This is not  a one time effort - but has a past - and will have a future. Sponsors are needed. Corporate support is needed. Donations ARE tax deductible.  Participation is welcome.Friday morning, dinner ( -- NO tickets at door)  and Sat recognition is open to all. 

Feel free to distribute this.   Recognition is due - honor deserved - and after 4 obits in my mail this week - there may not be a "next year" for many of these former POWs.

Should have, could have, would have....    They returned with honor - the least we can do now - is honor them.

Mary Schantag, Chairman

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