Friday, February 14, 2014

GallantFew and Chili Off The Grid

   On Saturday February 9th, 2014 I got to go on a goose hunt with experienced hunter and Marine veteran Aaron Childress. Aaron is producing a hunting show that supports veterans that have been injured in combat. His main goal is to raise awareness for veteran issues like PTSD, suicide, and joblessness. I was invited to represent GallantFew, Inc. and to talk about what I want to do after I graduate in May. This was a great honor and an even better opportunity for me. Most hunting shows exploit injured veterans to get better ratings but do nothing for veterans other than allow them to hunt. The fact that I was able to raise awareness for veterans and get to talk about my future goals says a lot about what Aaron is putting together.

  Aaron is part of GallantFew's many success stories. He left the Marines and like many others had no idea what he wanted to do. He struggled during his transition. While Aaron was attending school, GallantFew helped get Aaron a job and provide him with a strong network to allow him to succeed.  Now Aaron is giving back to GallantFew by using his own success to guide veterans on hunts and letting veterans talk about their goals on his new hunting show Chili Off The Grid. Episode 1:1 is airing on Hunt Channel 266 (basic package) on DISH April 1, 2014. Its going to be a very entertaining series, I recommend this show to any veteran or hunter.

  The guys that helped put this hunt together were a very fun and entertaining group of guys. Kansas Game Chasers David Williams (can call birds like no other) and Scott McFadden (knows about every aspect their is to know about hunting), these guys are definitely Pro's!  Bill the Personnel/Safety Manager at C-Tech/Blackburn Construction hosted a breakfast before the hunt where they gave me my very own goose call (that I will figure out). Bill invited me to talk with the owner of the company he works for about a possible job prospect in the near future, an outstanding opportunity.

We ended up getting 10 geese, I think I shot at all 10 birds, me hitting one is a different story. I had a blast! Thanks Chet, Troy, and Chili! Hope to do it again.

Aaron Childress can be reached at

Rangers Lead The Way

-JD- <2>

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