Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Backlog??? We ain't got no backlog!!!

The Daily caller published this article yesterday, and it alleges (with compelling audio evidence) that in order to reduce the backlog, employees at the VA simply deleted or destroyed records older than a certain date.

Now I have to admit that when I get really, really far behind on email (and yes, it does happen) that I have been known to take anything older than six months and move it to an archive folder (where it's still searchable if I need to find it) so I think I understan....

no wait, I don't understand this at all.

A few years ago when I was trying to get the medical care I needed for my back injury at the Bob Dole Regional VA Center in Wichita Kansas, the doc said I needed to get a series of injections in my back at the pain clinic.  When I called to get the appointment I was told my appointment could not be scheduled at this time because there was a two week backlog - and they would get back to me when they could schedule me within two weeks.

I said, "OK, put me on the waiting list" and the reply was "We can't maintain a waiting list, by Congress we have to see veterans within two weeks."

So I guess the VA way of thinking is if we don't put you in the system then you aren't really waiting.  Makes their "backlog" seem pretty reasonable.  No wonder VA execs continue receiving fat bonuses in spite of their ineptness.

And no wonder veterans continue killing themselves at a rate greater than any time in history.

How do VA executives look themselves in the mirror?

Does this get you angry reading this?  It gets me angry writing it.

So the VA runs its care of our injured and wounded veterans kinda like I manage my email - only worse.  God help us all.

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