Thursday, January 2, 2014


I love history and I love analogies, parables and the like.  I still wear a drool rag from time to time so I relate to things and learn differently than some.  I have no idea who said this, but it's true "If you can't explain it to a five year old, you haven't mastered it."

I am surrounded by symbols.  We all are.  I have a newly sparked interest in learning.  Seeking.  Here's something that I learned just the other day.

Beehives might have many meanings but I like this one.  They represent industry.  Not necessarily being industrious or manufacturing, or really creating anything.  But working together towards a common goal.  We can all relate to that and I think this is one more way to translate what where we came from to where we are.

I've talked about perception and constantly bettering yourself before.  One person can do a lot of things.  Two people can do more.  If they're working towards the same thing that is.  Now think what an Army of the right folks surrounding you can get done if they work together.  What seems as something to avoid or completely foreign, is more natural than you assume.

It's hard to be observant when you're right in the mix.  My boxing coach used to tell me to think outside of the ring and to listen to him when I'm in the ring.  It's kinda hard to see things when you're getting smacked in the mouth.  Even though I was the one in the fight, he was there.  My entire corner was.  All for me.  It was our fight.  Thankfully, I won more than I lost.  But I knew that as soon as I got in that ring, I was going to get hit.  I learned though, that I wasn't alone, that I always had to learn and that I had to help.

Had it just been me, I would've gotten whooped a lot more.  Same as when I was in, same as it is now that I'm out.  There's a natural ebb and flow to life.  Fight through the tough parts and rely on your team.  Don't squander the slow periods.  Reflect and thank those that stood shoulder to shoulder with you.

Don't forget to look around you.  There is more out there than you think.  So the next time you see bees, maybe you'll be able to see that there is order within chaos and you can walk a little easier.

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