Saturday, January 18, 2014

2 Vets Arms Descendants of Sparta Rifle 0001 Opportunity to Win!

2 Vets Arms has become one of GallantFew's leading supporters and sponsors.  This is the second year they have built a special custom rifle for us to give away.  For a ten dollar donation you get a chance to win!  A hundred dollar donation equals ten chances to win.  Learn more about the weapon here and look for the link to donate at the top (to qualify, donations must be made through that link).  On February 3rd we will have an outside party run the random selection program to pick the winner. 

This Rifle is aimed at building awareness of our anti-suicide platform, The Descendants of Sparta.  Please take a moment and see why it's so powerful and share it with a battle-buddy.

The AR on display at SHOT Show

 Ranger Schlitz admiring the gear

Vanna W... I mean Ranger Schlitz models next to the AR

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters!

To bypass and go straight to the donation page, go here.  Oh and we will add some disclaimer language soon - must be eligible to own firearm, pass background check, etc.

Don't forget, Run Ranger Run is fast approaching!  Are you in???

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