Thursday, May 30, 2013

Moving Day

Time really does fly, doesn't it?  It seems like yesterday that I had just moved into my first apartment since getting out of the military.  But going through all the major events that have happened while living here, I am glad to be moving on.  Since living at this location, I have lost a job, gone through unemployment, found a new job to make ends meet, tried to reignite the relationship with my daughter's mother only for it to fail, enrolled in school to get a second bachelor's degree, got accepted into Nursing School, gained 20 pounds only to lose 15 of it and then gain 20 back... And the list goes on.

The most significant thing that I have experienced was getting to know myself again.  You see, I kinda got a little mixed up between being a soldier, a father, a husband, a member of a team, a son, a brother.  I played so many roles that I forgot to play the role of ME.  But because of living on my own in a two bedroom apartment, sharing parenting time of my daughter, I have had plenty of time to get an idea of who Cory Smith is.  

With this move, I am turning the page and moving onward in this adventure called life.  It's a great feeling. 


  1. Good for you Cory. I agree that knowing oneself and what one really is, is perhaps the most important step. Good luck with everything.

  2. Cory,

    You're just making room for new experiences, people and places. Keep up the good work!