Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Today was a Good Day

Hello, Cory here.

In the journey of my transition, I have had many more difficult days than good ones.  When I say difficult, I don't mean that in a negative tone.  I just look at those difficult days and realize that I wasted more energy beating myself up and not living up to my potential.  But as my transition goes on, life becomes a bit more simple and I learn something new about myself each day.  

But today was a good day.

After working an overnight shift at the Stress Center, I took a quick power nap, and then made my way to downtown Indianapolis to watch a minor league baseball game.  Although this spring has been rather chilly thus far, today was around eighty degrees and the sun felt good on my face as I sat in the stands.  This is my favorite time of the year, seeing life back to my surroundings and also my senses.  The smell of the trees in bloom and the radiance of the new foliage foreshadows the life ahead.

At the game.  Elleigh looks like a chunk in this photo, haha!
During the fifth inning, my eyes started getting a little dry and the yawns became more consistent.  I started to think back on the days of pulling 24-hour CQ and then coming home to be father/husband, fighting sleep for as long as possible.  But today was to beautiful to miss due to being tired.  After all, sleep is for the weak.  So we slammed some hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, some pop (yes, it's pop, not soda!), and enjoyed watching the home team take a huge lead with a three RBI triple.

I was told toady by an old friend, that they see the difference and progress I have made in the past couple of years.  They said I seem much calmer and not so agitated with the insignificant things in life.  Living a militant lifestyle does have its downfalls I guess.  For a greater part of my time in the military, I didn't allow for myself to enjoy life.  I was to caught up in the things that I didn't have the ability to change, and never looked at the things I could have changed.  But now, I live a life with endless possibilities.

Following the game, we took a walk through White River Park.  The trail led us across a bridge and behind the zoo.  Blocks of Indiana limestone stacked on top of each other was the division of the trail from the animals on the other side.  Although we couldn't see the animals, the limestone didn't do anything from keeping the scent of them away, haha.  And we walked on...

So, today was a good day.

I guess my purpose of writing this is to just say, whenever you get the chance enjoy the simple things in life, stop and take a chance to do so.  The summer is coming and soon people will be complaining because it's too hot or too muggy, or it's raining instead of shining.  So, if you find yourself tired on a sunny day, go take a nap outside.  Enjoy the little thing rather than letting them become a burden or a task.  Take advantage of every day that you have, so when you lay down to fall asleep you can say, "Today was a good day."

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  1. This article makes me want to cry. My husband is active duty and serving in Korea. He left for Korea only 5 1/2 months after returning as an LNO from Landstuhl, Germany. Reading about how you aren't so irritated by the little things made me so sad. I see that in my husband...often. There have been many times that I ask for two minutes for each kid to say "hi" on the phone and this request hasn't been fulfilled for a couple years now. Breaks my heart to see the disappointment, but I'm still hopeful. I dream of the days when we can take those walks, smell the fresh air, and actually have "a good day". Keep up the good work and God Bless You and your family.