Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Operation Enduring Gratitude and GallantFew spark Kansas Driver License Veteran Initiative

Dan Garza of Operation Enduring Gratitude told Karl nearly two years ago about an initiative he had started to get states to recognize Veterans through a drivers license designation.  Karl brought this idea back and on 6/20/11 suggested it to the Sedgwick County Veterans Coalition who took it on.  Last week the Kansas Senate OK’d the initiative and sent to the governor for signature:

This designation is important as many businesses offer discounts to Veterans, but unless you are retired or have a VA card you probably don't want to carry around your 214 to prove you are a Veteran.  This optional designation on your driver's license provides that verification.

Is your state one of the few that recognizes Veterans on drivers' licenses? Go to and find out.

RLTW  Karl

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