Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Potential Job Opportunity - Middle East non-conflict zone

Received this today from a friend in the industry:

"We are currently working to secure a recruiting contract with a company who is submitting an RFP for a project that will require them to provide qualified Military Instructors. This could be an exciting opportunity. Should we be successful, we will have a short time to find quality candidates that can mobilize quickly. All successful candidates will be required to submit qualifications that have been attested by the DOD, DD214 should work. This process can take time so it is essential that we are ahead of the game. We are looking for a broad range of Instructors;  Weapons and Tactics Instructors to Flying Instructors (and everything in between)"
If you know or can recommend highly qualified Instructors that would be interested in an opportunity in the Middle East (a non-conflict zone)whereby you or they can utilize their specialist skills, send me an email and I will send back the application of interest and position description requirements and criteria.  This company is looking for at least 3 resumes per position to begin with.
These potential candidates will be representing a British company with a global position and is only looking for top quality Instructors.

Thanks and good luck. RLTW  Karl

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