Sunday, February 8, 2015

Mental Wellness - and the suffering of perhaps the greatest President

You might be stunned to learn that Abraham Lincoln often suffered bouts of "melancholy" and even talked about suicide.  He quoted dark poetry and told jokes to raise his own spirits.  If Facebook had existed back then imagine what he might have posted!

Sometimes suicide seems the best way to relieve suffering, to cease being a burden to others, a voice that drowns out all else.  This is why the Spartan Pledge is so important, so critical.  A warrior that makes a promise to another warrior keeps that promise - period.

Just imagine how different the world would be today if Abraham Lincoln had ended his own life.  His mission to end slavery surely powered him through that melancholy.  What's your mission?  A warfighter without a mission is a dead warfighter.

Run Ranger Run helps us spread the word about The Spartan Pledge and more.  Three years ago this past week Ranger Cory Smith finished his epic journey of 565 miles from Columbus Georgia to Indianapolis Indiana.  He ran, he walked and he biked to bring awareness to the difficult journey a soldier experiences becoming a civilian.  His miles saved lives, and yours can too.

This brief video talks about the importance of Run Ranger Run.

Please share this widely - and consider helping us with our mission.

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