Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Plan With The End In Mind

Normally I write about issues pertaining to Landmark Education and it's impact on my life and how it can help you. Today I thought of doing something a little different. The concept Plan With The End In Mind I learned in Landmark Education, but also in the Army and also in college and professional development courses in the business marketplace.

So, what does the title to today's post mean?

Let's start with the end in mind. What if today was my last day on  Earth. What did my life look like? How did I feel things went? Now imagine if I could go back to the beginning and design my life to be a certain way. What would that look like? 

That said, we can't go backwards. What we can do is live as we choose; or in other words the life we design. If you want peace and contentment as your end goal, look back on your life and see the choices you made. Are they in keeping or in alignment with your goal? If so, great! Keep it up. If not make choices that will put you on track to reach your goals. What if I want to look back at my life and see I was famous, or wealthy or loved or whatever it is I choose?

You  must start with the End In Mind. Plan backwards for your success. Did you plan your life or did you live your life without a plan? One equals success the other is just hoping to find success and always wondering why I can't get "IT" together. Veterans and military people really understand planning for success, but how many apply mission planning principles in our daily lives? How many of us set up an OP-Order for our very lives? 

What is our Current Situation?

What is our Mission or Goal?

How are we going to Execute?

What is needed to Support our Mission/Goal?

What is our Command and Control process? 

Ask yourself these questions and try this exercise, fill in all the sub topical categories under each heading. At the end you will have a solid plan for whatever situation you are in now to go where you want to be. Then you can look back and see you reached your overall objective for your life. 

This was something I was pondering while looking at my life up to now. It made me consider what I want the rest of my life to look like when I am at the very end looking back. 

Here For You,
Larry Zabel

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  1. Hell of a way to put things into perspective using backwards planning. I'm a fan.