Friday, February 1, 2013

Official Start to Run Ranger Run 2013 and New Veteran Unemployment Figures

We are off on the first day of Run Ranger Run 2013!  There are over 500 athletes participating globally - including Australia and Europe (our live map is having trouble processing foreign zip codes but they are out there).  Please see the message from our event director below for more info and start a team, join a team or support a team!


The unemployment figures released this morning by the Department of Labor reveal a worsening trend among post 9/11 Veterans.  You'll hear lots in the news today about how the economy looks to be improving, lots of jobs were added, and the bad times are over.  That may be for much of the country, but not for our newest, next Greatest Generation.

This month a post 9/11 Veteran is 29.1% more likely to be unemployed than someone who never served, on a twelve month average 25.34%.  Comparison of last year, last month and this month reveals a steady increase - the chart looks like stair steps.

The average female post 9/11 veteran is 55% more likely unemployed than a female who never served.  This information needs the light of day, and the number one priority of Run Ranger Run is awareness - so spread the word, share this post.

Run Ranger Run 2013

Candyss Bryant, GallantFew's Run Ranger Run 2013 Director sent this email to all participants this morning:

Run Ranger Run participants and Friends -

Thank you for being a vital part of this movement to bring awareness to the issues our service members face as they transition from active service to civilian life.  Your miles will change lives!

Here is a short video where you can see the type of impact GallantFew makes.  Your support will help build the capacity of GallantFew to grow and serve more of our transitioning service members.  

Also linked here is a short video with a message from RANGER Cory Smith, the fella whose motivation inspired the movement of Run Ranger Run.  

Finally, I wanted to remind your team leaders that you can log your miles by going to your fundraiser page, going to edit fundraiser and then advanced settings.  There is a spot to log your teams' miles.  You will need to ask your teammates for their miles and display them in this spot.  Your miles will aggregate to the overall event miles. 

Good luck!  Happy running!

Candyss Bryant

PS - Remember to post pictures.  You can post to  Tweet about Run Ranger Run to @RunRgrRun and/or post to our Facebook at

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