Thursday, July 30, 2015

Press Release - GallantFew and Elk Institute Partner to Support Veterans

Contact: Karl Monger               
Tel. 817-600-0514
Date: July 29, 2015

Dallas, Texas - The Elk institute for Psychological Health & Performance and GallantFew continue a unique partnership to provide superior therapy and consultative services to our Nation’s Veterans. In 2014, The Elk Institute provided more than 100 hours of therapy for GallantFew referrals alone.

Karl Monger, Executive Director of GallantFew says, “Dr. Elk is an innovative mental health practitioner who works tirelessly on the behalf of veterans.  She is a trusted resource, one of the highest compliments the Special Operations Veteran community can pay, and Elk Institute is a vital partner in GallantFew's holistic approach to transition.” 

GallantFew and The Elk Institute work to identify the need of our Veterans and then find solutions with multistate and multi-agency coordination.  Services, of both organizations, complement each other and are necessary components of an effective safety net for our Veterans in need.

Dr. Carrie Elk, PhD, LMHC, CTE says, “The very best first line of help for veterans will always be a fellow Veteran. GallantFew provides a widespread network of Veteran to Veteran support around the country to all Veterans when a battle buddy is needed during times of transition.  The GallantFew Veteran advocacy team are sometimes the first to identify psychological health needs in the Veterans with whom they assist.  Elk Institute is dedicated to supporting GallantFew with any psychological health and performance education and treatment needs.” 

There are 22 veterans and 1 active duty suicides reported each day. Many due to untreated PTSD or other psychosocial stressors experienced by our veterans such as homelessness, unemployment or other financial issues, family problems, addiction etc. By providing peer support and access to psychological health services GallantFew & Elk Institute are doing their part to assist our veterans/address the unmet needs/ lower this tragic statistic.

Dr. Elk and Monger


The Elk Institute for Psychological Health & Performance is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization established to provide psychological health education, treatment, and consultation to the military and veteran community at NO COST TO THE INDIVIDUAL VETERAN.  We specialize in training and treatment of Psychological Trauma (PTS/PTSD) for individuals and groups in the military population. We rely 100% on private donations from individuals & organizations like GallantFew to continue to provide these services to our veterans with no burden to the veteran. In 2014 90% of donations to Elk Institute provided direct clinical treatment or education to service members and veterans.

GallantFew, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit charitable organization committed to the prevention of veteran isolation by connecting new veterans with hometown veteran mentors, thereby facilitating a peaceful, successful transition from military service to civilian life filled with hope and purpose.  

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